Sudoku Tricks And Tips

Solving and completing Sudoku puzzles may seem to be tough. Actually, it depends on the Sudoku puzzle’s level of difficulty and the player’s condition and level of focus at that particular time. Fortunately, there are a number of ways and strategies to complete a Sudoku puzzle in a much faster way. I personally use these Sudoku tricks and tips when I am trying to complete a Sudoku puzzle and can attest that they actually work.

When trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle for the very first time, I advise you to start with those that are easy to complete. Try to get hold first on those Easy level Sudoku puzzles. You can begin on working on the classic 9×9-grid Sudoku or those other variations that have smaller grid sizes. Practice with those easier ones and master them first.

Secondly, use a pencil with eraser as a tool in answering your puzzle instead of using a pen. Using pencil is more advantageous here since it is not one of those permanent markers. As you move along with your Sudoku puzzle, you will discover that you will encounter many instances of trial and error. I also find it very helpful when I am trying to get rid of certain numbers which I thought were the right ones for that particular box but discover in the end that they do not fit in that particular row, column, or sub-square.

You can also complete a Sudoku puzzle in a faster fashion by identifying first the sub-squares that have the most prearranged numbers. As you shall see, these almost completely filled sub-squares present fewer blank boxes. This allows you to identify the missing number – or numbers – much easier and much faster. It is best to start with these sub-squares.

There are also instances when you can find rows, columns, and sub-squares that only have one unfilled box. I personally call it the “lucky box”. In this very lucky case, all you have to do is identify the missing number by counting 1 to 9 to trace it. Very simple.

Unfortunately, there are only very few lucky boxes. If you really want to complete a Sudoku puzzle, you need not only have to depend on luck; you have to use logic. You can do this by examining the puzzle very carefully. Look for possible fits in each row, column, and sub-square. Get your brain work and have the puzzle done in no time.

Also, when looking for the missing number or trying to avoid having duplicates of a number, it is very important to check (and double check) every row, every column, and every sub-square. Do not miss checking a single corner and always be thorough in doing so. It is when you miss a tiny part of it that the puzzle begins to go crazy and you, in turn, get confused.

But if ever you have done it all wrong, all you have to do is to erase you initial answers and do the puzzle again. Be patient. If you are not patient enough, you will never get to solve a single Sudoku puzzle in your entire life.