Playing Sudoku On Mobile Phones

Sudoku has conquered many parts of the world since it was introduced on print. Many people from various races and ages enjoy playing and completing a Sudoku puzzle because of its challenging nature that requires the use of a person’s logical skills and great amount of patience in order to complete. Through the years, Sudoku has evolved with its many variations. It has even become a part of some mobile phones as a game feature. Because of this, it is not anymore uncommon to see people solve Sudoku on mobile phones.


The most common Sudoku grid that some mobile phones are equipped with is the classic 9×9 Sudoku. With this 9×9 Sudoku, the three basic rules of Sudoku are still followed.

  1. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each row.
  2. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each column
  3. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each sub-square.



When you play Sudoku using a mobile phone, your eyes will be fed by colorful graphics. This alone makes completing the puzzle even more pleasurable. In addition to this, you can also get to choose which level of difficulty you would want your puzzle to have. After setting your desired difficulty level, a Sudoku grid will be automatically generated for you.


Another unique thing about playing Sudoku on you mobile phone is that you do not need to use pencils or pens. Their role is replaced by the phone’s keypads. Putting your answers on those unfilled boxes only requires you to press those buttons. There are also special keypad functions that are present on some mobile phones to better mark your Sudoku grid. It would be best if you read your phone’s instructions on Sudoku so that you will be more properly guided.


Playing Sudoku on your mobile phone also allows you to incorporate sounds while filling those boxes. This can be very stimulating especially for those people who are auditory in nature. Most phones, however, are equipped with an “on sound” or “off sound” option.


Completing a Sudoku puzzle on your mobile phone can also be very easy. Some mobile phones are capable of giving clues about the puzzle that you are working on. This allows you to finish your puzzle in a much lesser time.

Speaking of time, a number of mobile phones also feature timed Sudoku puzzles. Having this feature, the phone automatically records and saves the length of time you spent completing your Sudoku puzzle.


When you have a Sudoku game installed on your mobile phone, you are free to play Sudoku anytime you want, anywhere you are. Whenever you get bored or stuck waiting for someone or something, you can still sit there and use your time getting your brain stimulated with a challenging number puzzle game.

Just do not forget that it only takes logic and patience to complete a Sudoku puzzle. Have fun and be challenged by this awesome puzzle game and enjoy the experience of completing Sudoku on mobile phones with sounds and colors.