Completing A Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle


Playing Sudoku Jigsaw can really be a very unique experience for any Sudoku enthusiast. This unique but commonly-played variant of Sudoku is also known by name Irregular Sudoku due to the presence of its regions which are designed like irregular boxes. In order to complete the puzzle, you need to fill those regions – along with rows and columns – with a set of numbers without having to repeat a single number on those said locations. Irregular Sudoku can also be played on 6×6, 9×9, or 12×12 grids.


When you try to complete an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, you still have to see to it that no single number should be placed more than once on each row and on each column. In addition to this, no single number should also appear more than once on any irregularly-shaped box. It is just okay to repeat any number on the sub-squares but not on those irregularly-shaped boxes which we shall call “regions”. In other words, the rules for each row and column are still the same. The only new thing here is that on shifting your focus from those sub-squares to those regions. Therefore, in Irregular Sudoku, you are not allowed to repeat any number on each row, each column, and each region.


You can choose any of these 3 grid sizes when playing Irregular Sudoku. The rules are just so simple to follow. When playing Irregular Sudoku with a 6×6 grid size, you must make sure that no single number from 1 to 6 should be placed more than once in each row, column, or region. Since we do not have a very strict rule on sub-squares, any number can appear more than once in any of them – just keep in mind, however, that this does not apply on those regions (irregularly-shaped boxes). Irregular Sudoku puzzles that have 9×9 or 12×12 grid sizes also follow this principle.


If we try to compare the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle and the Irregular Sudoku puzzle, we cannot deny that the latter is more complex than the former. Because of this, you have to be more thorough with the Irregular Sudoku puzzle. You have to use your logical abilities in a much greater level if you would really want to successfully complete it. You must also make sure that each row, column, and region should be carefully checked for duplicates.

Patience is really one of the keys that you must have in completing a Sudoku Puzzle, especially this one. If you think that you cannot finish a single Irregular Sudoku sheet, do not just give up right away. Equip yourself with some resilience or begin with an easy-level Irregular Sudoku. To do this, you can start with a 6×6-grid Irregular Sudoku sheet since this particular grid size has fewer numbers. Master the puzzle little by little and try those with higher difficulty levels along the way. Sweat your brain out by using logic and do not get upset when it seems to go nowhere.

Completing a Sudoku Jigsaw sheet only takes logic, focus, and patience. It is one of those Sudoku variants that every player should try. Just keep in mind the guidelines mentioned above and you will surely solve that puzzle.