Play Online Killer Sudoku

If you love Sudoku, then there is nothing more fun than playing online killer sudoku. It is an easy way to play without the hassle of pen, paper and a puzzle. Plus it makes checking your answers so easy. If you get stuck it just takes the click of a button to get back on the right track.

The rules are the same. The grid is made up of a nine by nine grid. There are some given numbers that you use to help fill in the empty cells. Depending upon which level you choose to play will determine how many givens are in the puzzle itself.

The nine by nine grid is subdivided into three, three by three grids. These are referred to as sub-grids.

So here is how you play. The point of the puzzle is to have every number between zero and nine appear once and only once in each of the rows that go across left to right, each of the columns that go up and down. And only once in each sub-grid.

One of the great benefits of playing Sudoku online is that it is easy to pick a puzzle. They are able to generate a new puzzle quickly and randomly. It is also very simple to choose the skill level that you would like the puzzle to be. By choosing the drop down menu on the puzzle you can easily choose which level you would like to solve.

Another great feature of playing online is that if you get stumped on a certain puzzle you can easily check how you are doing by just clicking the check % button. This will let you know how much of the puzzle you have gotten done and it will point out any of the cells that you have filled in with a number but it is the incorrect number. The incorrect cells will appear in red.

By clicking on the new button you can easily create a new puzzle to start solving.

Playing online can be fun and easy. You don’t have to worry about a messy looking grid with all your crossed out numbers or eraser marks that tend to make a Sudoku puzzle done on paper hard to read and solve.

The great thing about these online killer sudoku puzzles is that they are fun for all ages. Whether you are young or old. As long as you have a few basic computer skills, basically just knowing how to use a mouse to point and click, you can have hours of fun for free. If you are a parent and need to find something for the kids to do other than watch television, then set them in front of the computer and have them play Sudoku. It is a great puzzle for children because it helps to build logic, process of elimination and deduction skills.

So if you are new to Sudoku or have been solving puzzles for years give it a try and play online. You will start to improve you solving skills in no time. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.