Playing Sudoku On Mobile Phones

Sudoku has conquered many parts of the world since it was introduced on print. Many people from various races and ages enjoy playing and completing a Sudoku puzzle because of its challenging nature that requires the use of a person’s logical skills and great amount of patience in order to complete. Through the years, Sudoku has evolved with its many variations. It has even become a part of some mobile phones as a game feature. Because of this, it is not anymore uncommon to see people solve Sudoku on mobile phones.


The most common Sudoku grid that some mobile phones are equipped with is the classic 9×9 Sudoku. With this 9×9 Sudoku, the three basic rules of Sudoku are still followed.

  1. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each row.
  2. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each column
  3. Any number from 1 to 9 should not appear more than once on each sub-square.



When you play Sudoku using a mobile phone, your eyes will be fed by colorful graphics. This alone makes completing the puzzle even more pleasurable. In addition to this, you can also get to choose which level of difficulty you would want your puzzle to have. After setting your desired difficulty level, a Sudoku grid will be automatically generated for you.


Another unique thing about playing Sudoku on you mobile phone is that you do not need to use pencils or pens. Their role is replaced by the phone’s keypads. Putting your answers on those unfilled boxes only requires you to press those buttons. There are also special keypad functions that are present on some mobile phones to better mark your Sudoku grid. It would be best if you read your phone’s instructions on Sudoku so that you will be more properly guided.


Playing Sudoku on your mobile phone also allows you to incorporate sounds while filling those boxes. This can be very stimulating especially for those people who are auditory in nature. Most phones, however, are equipped with an “on sound” or “off sound” option.


Completing a Sudoku puzzle on your mobile phone can also be very easy. Some mobile phones are capable of giving clues about the puzzle that you are working on. This allows you to finish your puzzle in a much lesser time.

Speaking of time, a number of mobile phones also feature timed Sudoku puzzles. Having this feature, the phone automatically records and saves the length of time you spent completing your Sudoku puzzle.


When you have a Sudoku game installed on your mobile phone, you are free to play Sudoku anytime you want, anywhere you are. Whenever you get bored or stuck waiting for someone or something, you can still sit there and use your time getting your brain stimulated with a challenging number puzzle game.

Just do not forget that it only takes logic and patience to complete a Sudoku puzzle. Have fun and be challenged by this awesome puzzle game and enjoy the experience of completing Sudoku on mobile phones with sounds and colors.

Completing A Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle


Playing Sudoku Jigsaw can really be a very unique experience for any Sudoku enthusiast. This unique but commonly-played variant of Sudoku is also known by name Irregular Sudoku due to the presence of its regions which are designed like irregular boxes. In order to complete the puzzle, you need to fill those regions – along with rows and columns – with a set of numbers without having to repeat a single number on those said locations. Irregular Sudoku can also be played on 6×6, 9×9, or 12×12 grids.


When you try to complete an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, you still have to see to it that no single number should be placed more than once on each row and on each column. In addition to this, no single number should also appear more than once on any irregularly-shaped box. It is just okay to repeat any number on the sub-squares but not on those irregularly-shaped boxes which we shall call “regions”. In other words, the rules for each row and column are still the same. The only new thing here is that on shifting your focus from those sub-squares to those regions. Therefore, in Irregular Sudoku, you are not allowed to repeat any number on each row, each column, and each region.


You can choose any of these 3 grid sizes when playing Irregular Sudoku. The rules are just so simple to follow. When playing Irregular Sudoku with a 6×6 grid size, you must make sure that no single number from 1 to 6 should be placed more than once in each row, column, or region. Since we do not have a very strict rule on sub-squares, any number can appear more than once in any of them – just keep in mind, however, that this does not apply on those regions (irregularly-shaped boxes). Irregular Sudoku puzzles that have 9×9 or 12×12 grid sizes also follow this principle.


If we try to compare the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle and the Irregular Sudoku puzzle, we cannot deny that the latter is more complex than the former. Because of this, you have to be more thorough with the Irregular Sudoku puzzle. You have to use your logical abilities in a much greater level if you would really want to successfully complete it. You must also make sure that each row, column, and region should be carefully checked for duplicates.

Patience is really one of the keys that you must have in completing a Sudoku Puzzle, especially this one. If you think that you cannot finish a single Irregular Sudoku sheet, do not just give up right away. Equip yourself with some resilience or begin with an easy-level Irregular Sudoku. To do this, you can start with a 6×6-grid Irregular Sudoku sheet since this particular grid size has fewer numbers. Master the puzzle little by little and try those with higher difficulty levels along the way. Sweat your brain out by using logic and do not get upset when it seems to go nowhere.

Completing a Sudoku Jigsaw sheet only takes logic, focus, and patience. It is one of those Sudoku variants that every player should try. Just keep in mind the guidelines mentioned above and you will surely solve that puzzle.

Playing 16×16 Sudoku

Sudoku has been known almost anywhere in the world. In fact, there are already many Sudoku variations that have followed the 9×9-grid Sudoku puzzle. One of those Sudoku variants is the 16×16 Sudoku. The 16×16-grid puzzle is one of the two Mega Sudoku puzzles that you can find out there. If you compare the 16×16 Mega Sudoku puzzle and the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle, you can actually point some similarities and differences. In this article, we will be looking at those similarities and differences and try to discover how to successfully complete a 16×16-grid Mega Sudoku sheet.


Both the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle and the 16×16 Mega Sudoku puzzle are geared toward the same game rules. First, no number should appear more than once on each row. Second, no number should appear more than once on each column. And third, no number should appear more than once on each sub-square. Therefore, the numbers 1 to 16 are only allowed to be placed once on every row, column, and sub-square.


The main difference between the classic 9×9 Sudoku and the 16×16 Mega Sudoku is grid size. As you can apparently see, the latter is larger in size than the former. With this, completing the 16×16 Mega Sudoku may take you a longer period of time to complete because you have more numbers to place on each unfilled box than those with the 9×9 sheet.


The strategies that you are using in completing a 9×9-grid puzzle are the same ones that you should use with the 16×16 Mega Sudoku puzzle. Complete the puzzle using pure logic and analysis and you will surely get it done in no time. Do not waste your time guessing for the answers because it just does not work that way. Study carefully those prearranged numbers and patiently fill those empty boxes. It is not a matter of grid size but a matter of mind power.

Being thorough and focused is also a requirement when trying to complete a 16×16 Mega Sudoku sheet. You need to be thorough in a sense that you have to make sure that every row, column, and sub-square of that 16×16 puzzle sheet does not hold any duplicate of a single number. You need to examine with patience every corner of that puzzle to avoid errors. Other than that, you also need to have a focused mind; having a focused mind while completing the puzzle certainly helps you in finding the right answers in a much faster way.

Do not ever miss to try to complete a 16×16 Sudoku puzzle. If you do, you will be missing one of those number puzzles that offer authentic mind challenge. Complete the puzzle and keep in mind those guidelines and strategies that you should have whether you play the 9×9 grid or the 16×16 grid. Anyone can complete a Sudoku puzzle and the initial way to do this is to be up with the challenge. Take the challenge now and see if you have what it takes to complete one.

Sudoku Evil


Sudoku evil is basically a classic 9×9 grid Sudoku puzzle with a much more complex difficulty level. When playing Evil Sudoku, a player must first complete its level 1 puzzle then move on to the remaining three levels. With each level, the puzzle becomes more confusing. With its complexities, most Sudoku players find the first level already very difficult to complete.

You will notice that in an Evil Sudoku sheet there is much fewer prearranged numbers. Usually, a single sub-square contains only 4 given numbers at most. You can even find sub-squares with only 1 or 2 given numbers. This alone makes it highly difficult to solve.

Its difficult nature, however, makes it very challenging that many Sudoku enthusiasts are very addicted to it. This kind of Sudoku puzzle is very good for those people who love puzzle challenges. If you are able to complete the 4 levels of Evil Sudoku, then you can consider yourself as someone extraordinary because this kind of puzzle is very complex and far from ordinary.

For those who would want to try completing this particular Sudoku puzzle, here are some things that you must keep in mind:

To make completing an Evil Sudoku puzzle less difficult, what you have to do is to answer those sub-squares with the most prearranged numbers first for they are much easier to complete compared to those sub-squares with much fewer givens (just like in a regular Sudoku puzzle). Keep in mind, however, that the word “easy” still means “difficult” when you are trying to complete this particular kind of Sudoku puzzle. Since each sub-square may contain 4 givens at most, try to solve first those sub-squares with the said number of givens.

As with any Sudoku puzzle, once you start to successfully complete a number of sub-squares the chances for you to complete the whole puzzle increases. Its complexity, however, requires every player to give some extra effort to successfully complete the 4 levels of this particular Sudoku puzzle. You need to analyze the puzzle very carefully before you could determine those possible numbers for a certain box. Logic is indeed a very important tool in completing this puzzle.

Other than that, you should use a pencil with eraser in solving this puzzle since it is one of the most confusing Sudoku puzzles you can find out there – even expert Evil Sudoku players still use this tool. Also, using a pencil, you can write numbers that possibly fits to a particular box and write them inside that box and erase those unfit afterwards. This process of number-elimination can be very helpful to use with this kind of Sudoku puzzle.

If patience is highly needed in solving regular Sudoku puzzles, completing an Evil Sudoku puzzle requires you much more than that. You must not only have great patience but also the will and determination to complete its four tough and confusing levels. And in order to do this, you must use your mind and must have a character that is much tougher than the puzzle itself. If you have all these attributes, it is not impossible for you to successfully complete the four levels of Sudoku Evil. Test yourself now and find out if you have what it takes to complete it.